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AC770 - Course Information


MAC 700 - Management Control and Decision Making
This course focuses on the use and analysis of accounting internal information in management context looking at issues within the framework of modern theory including topics on measuring and performance evaluation such as risk and uncertainty, advanced management techniques and management control system. Emphasis will be given to the review of the process and improvement within the organizational context. In addition, the course will also include topics on strategic management accounting, the organizational and behavioural context of management accounting and examine management accounting in non-traditional environments.

FMC 700 - Corporate Financial Strategy 
This course provides the students an operational knowledge of finance that combines theory and applications. It begins with the basic concepts including the economics and financial environment, risk analysis and valuation process. It ends by illustrating how specific techniques and decision strategies can be used to maximize the firm's value. 

AIS 710 - Integrated Accounting Information System 
This course provides an understanding of accounting information systems (AIS) and internal control concepts, methods and processes.  It also examines the relationship and distinction between accounting information system and the total management information system environment.  It explores, in detail, several typical AIS application subsystem, such as sales, billing, purchasing, inventory, and general ledger. Major theme throughout the course include objectives and procedures of internal control, typical business documents and reports, and proper system documentation through the use of data flow diagrams, flowcharts and other documentation techniques. 

RAC 700 - Research Methodology
This course is a pre-requisite to student's dissertation. Basically, the course introduces the students to basic research processes. From the seminar papers in financial accounting, management accounting, public sector accounting, auditing, international accounting and finance, taxation and AIS, students may develop accounting research.

FMC 770 - Financial Statement Analysis 
Financial statement analysis explores the various techniques available to analyse the financial statements. This paper also discuss creative accounting and the effects of price level changes on the financial statements. It also discusses forecasting and risk management.  

ACC 721 – Accounting For Specialized Industries
This paper provides an understanding of the accounting principles and practices of specialized industries such as banks, insurance enterprises, unit trust funds, plantation, agriculture, aquaculture and extractive industry. It focuses on the requirements of statutes and accounting standards relate to these industries. This paper will also highlight the issues and complexity in accounting for these specialized industries.

PSA721 - Seminar In Public Sector Accounting
This paper provides an understanding of the fundamentals underlying the function and features of public sector accounting. Generally, this paper provides an integrated approach to public sector accounting. It focuses on how the public sector manage the accounting and financial matters according to a specific standard and system. It also serves to enhance the understanding on the importance of corporatisation and public private relationship as well as auditing in public sector.

AUD722 - Seminar in Issues & Development in Auditing
This course is designed to expose students to research work in the field of audit practices, issues and development. The course traces the history in the earlier needs of audit function to its recent control and regulation in the light of Sarbanes & Oxley Act, through review and analysis of major areas of empirical research in auditing. It addresses the issues of competition and mergers, the impact of changing environment and technology on audit profession, the conflicts in providing audit and non-audit services, the question of credibility in the light of world famous corporate collapses, the ever-pressing demand for improving audit quality, and lawsuits against the auditors. An attempt is also made to take a glimpse into the future challenges faced by the profession.     

ACC723 - Advanced Financial Reporting
This paper provides the fundamental underlying the financial reporting environment. It also serves to enhance the understanding on the importance of financial reporting to companies and industries. The focus is on approved accounting standards to be adhered pertaining to disclosure requirements. It also deals with the relevant reporting requirements in specialized industries.

ACC800 – Dissertation
One of the requirements of completion of the master’s degree is the master’s dissertation. The contents in this guide reflect, as far as possible, the expected form of a dissertation. Where a question of interpretation or doubts arises, reference should be made to the student’s supervisor.

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