Monday, August 2, 2010


Please pay attention to the following status codes that appear in the validation list :

1A- Have paid tuition fees but have no register a course
- Had registered courses without paying tuition fees or status of payment not been update.
4B- Had registered courses and had paid tuition fees
4C- Had registered courses, had paid tuition fees and had validated courses online.
7A- Have not registered as a student for this semester (shall be dismissed after the validation process).


1.  Students who are with status code 4, the following processes would not be able to be carried out if tuition fees payment are not updated: 

a. The process of validation. (printing courses registration statement)
b. The process of entering marks.

So, students are required to check the tuition fees payment status with Bursary Office, Phone no 03-5521 5991.

*please submit to faculty one copy of validation slip.

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