Saturday, July 16, 2011

Registration / Add or Drop Of Courses / Stripped Of Status Semester September 2011 – January 2012

Please be reminded that student's status will be stripped (GT) if the student failed to pay tuition fees and /or register for courses. Please observe the dates below to avoid GT.

27 May - 20 June
Course  Registration  for  Returning  Students (First Round) via Online
14 August 
Registration for  New Students ( Masters and  Doctorate ) at Dewan Sri Budiman & Annexe
16 Aug – 3 October
Add and Drop of Courses for Returning Students (Second Round) via Online
8 Sept – 3 October
Course Registration  for New students via  Online
12 September
Last Date of Registration for Appeal for Continuation of Study (RMP) Students
12 September
12 October
Last Day of  Payment for  Tuition Fees
17 October
Last Day  for  Validation of Course Registration
18 October
Stripped of Student’s Status (GT)
19 October
Student can  start printing  the Examination Registration Slip
19 – 26 October
Appeal for Reinstatement  of Student’s  Status  (RPGT) via Online
27 October
Meeting  on Appeal for Reinstatement of Student’s Stripped Off Status
28 October
Results on Appeal for  Reinstatement of Student’s Status
3 November 2011
Last Day of  Payment for Tuition Fees after the announcement of Appeal Cases Result
7 November 2011
Revocation of Student’s Status if student fails to  pay tuition fee

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