Friday, March 1, 2013

Student (Research) manual : How to register?

(Student Manual)

1.          Go to Student Portal website - (
2.          Click on  Student Login.

3.          Key-in  Student ID and Password in Student Portal. 

Note : Click Forgot Password if you need to recover your password. (Ensure the e-mail address stated in the academic section is correct.)

4.          The following window will appear. Click on Click to Open e-Academic System to register.

5.          The following windows will appear.  Please click on Student Registration to register.     


6.          The following will appear.
 7.           Click REGISTER to register.
8.          Click GENERATE BILL to obtain your bill for tuition fees.  Your bill will be generated within 24 hours.
9.          Click VIEW ACADEMIC BILL (after 24 hours)to view your billing information.
10.      Payment can be made at any Bank Islam Branch or at the Bursary.  (Please keep the receipt as proof of payment.)
11.      If you are not able to register, proceed to faculty for further instructions.

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