Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Postgraduate Research Student Issues

Salam Ramadhan.
With regard to the above, please be informed that our Department is currently monitoring the progress of our research students very closely. As such, we would like to highlight a few important issues that require your attention:

a) Progress Report Presentation
We would like to express our gratitude to all the students who have presented the progress of your research work in the recent progress report presentation. We hope you find the presentation useful. The feedback and comments from panel of assessors will be posted to your respective address hopefully by today. However, for those who failed to attend the event, please be advised that an automatic warning status will be given unless a valid justification is given (i.e. a short letter with supporting document - e.g. medical certificate).

b) Students Undergoing Thesis Correction
For this category of students, kindly observe and adhere to the submission of thesis correction deadline. You are reminded to submit your correction to the internal examiners at least 2 months before the thesis correction deadline. Failing which, the examiner will not have an ample time to review your list of corrections. Please be noted that any late submission might risk the student to be terminated from the research program.

c) Visiting Professors Visit
Our faculty has been arranging several official visits by our Visiting Professors from overseas in the area of accounting. Unfortunately, we have observed that attendance for the individual appointment slots is not satisfactory. This issue has raised the attention of our Dean. Please take this issue seriously as the faculty has spent substantial amount of money to bring in the Visiting Professors for the benefit of the students. If this scenario prolongs and the students fail to take the opportunity, the faculty might decide not to provide such a service anymore in the future. 

d) Part 6 (Full Time) and Part 6-8 (Part Time) Students
UiTM as well as other local universities are heading towards the 3-year Graduate on Time (GoT) PHD program. As much as we are aware that most of you are working very hard in completing your thesis, we have to remind you that you need to complete your first draft of the whole thesis (at least) by end of this semester. Please let your supervisors know about the matter. For full time PhD students for instance, your target is to complete the thesis in '6 semesters' and not '8 semesters'.

e) Research Talks/Workshops
We are currently planning for more research talk/workshops for the students in the upcoming months (e.g. NVIVO, Eviews, SPSS, Bengkel Sehari Penulisan Tesis Pantas, etc). As such, we really seek your cooperation to attend the workshops that we have line-up for you as this will also inculcate Graduate on Time (GoT).

f) Students without Second Supervisors
We have identified a list of students who are still without second supervisors (we know who you are - some are even part 6 students). Kindly discuss with your main supervisor to appoint your second supervisor (internal) a.s.a.p. You are also recommended to have your third supervisor (external), if possible.

g) Working Closely with Supervisors
We would also like to remind you that you need to work closely with your main and co-supervisors. For those in semester 1 and 2, you must be in contact with the supervisors at least once a week. For those in writing stage, you must submit your draft chapters and discuss with your supervisors at least once a month. Please take note the dates of your meeting with them as you will need to report this in your Progress Report Evaluation Form. We are working on this matter very closely. If any of you have any problem to see your supervisors, please let us know.

Keep on moving and working very hard. At the end of the day, insyallah, everyone of you will be the proud owner of your PhD thesis. Trust me, it will be well worth the journey.

p/s: Wishing all of you "Selamat Hari Raya" in advance - may you have a safe and joyous celebration.

Best regards,
Dr. Suhaily Hasnan
Coordinator (Research)
Postgraduate Department 
Faculty of Accountancy

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