Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dear students,

 With regard to the above subject matter, please be reminded that those students who are due for Defense Research Proposal (DRP) and opt for earlier session this semester (DRP date: 16 May 2014), you are required to submit your research proposal latest by 21 April 2014 (Monday). We need your cooperation in submitting the research proposal on time as panel experts need sufficient time to read the proposal. Thus, any late submission will not be entertained. We also strongly advise you to closely follow the following guidelines:


a)    The supervisor's roles are to guide you in choosing a specific topic, to read over initial   drafts of your proposal and to advise you throughout your writing and conceptualization process. It is your responsibility to initiate and maintain contact with your supervisor and to provide all relevant documents for review in a timely manner. Do not expect your supervisor to read the document and give you feedback in 24 hours.

b)    Prepare six (6) copies of research proposal and send them to the Faculty Postgraduate Office.

c)  Research proposal must be screened for plagiarism using Turnitin software by your supervisor. The similarity index must be less than 30%. The proposal must be attached with the Attendance Confirmation Form and Turnitin Originality Report with both endorsed by the Main Supervisor. You are also required to attach a copy of the IGS Research Skills Certificate or the exemption letter.

d)  Research proposal and all required documents must be submitted to the Faculty latest by 21 April 2014 (Monday).

e)   The research proposal format is attached for your attention and reference.


a)    Students are given 20 (PhD) and 15 (MBR) minutes to present to the panel experts. Please ensure that your presentation fits in the allocated time as session chairs will be sticking strictly to time.

b)    Please make five (5) copies of Powerpoint handouts (refer attachment) for the panel experts during the defense session.

c)    The Powerpoint presentation will be a brief summary of your complete research proposal sent earlier to the Faculty.

d)    Please bring the original copy of the IGS Research Skills Certificate or the exemption letter on the DRP registration day. Students without the certificate or letter will not be allowed to defend their proposal.

e)    Complete student information on the DRP Assessment Form (5 copies) to be submitted to the DRP secretariat.


a) Attendance Confirmation Form
b) Format of Contents of Research Proposal
c) Format of Title Page
d) Format of Power point Presentation
e) DRP Assessment Form
f) DRP Results Form
g) DRP Correction Verification Form
h) Process and Procedures for DRP - Postgraduate Degree Programmes by Research (Important-Please Read!)

For your reference, we have also identified the list of students who are due for DRP this semester as per list in the Attachment A. Based on our observation, we have notified that the bottleneck that impedes the postgraduate student progress toward graduation is always at DRP stage. Thus, for those who are due for DRP this semester, we really hope that you are nearly ready to submit your proposal.

We really appreciate your commitment to meet the timeline for DRP that we have outlined for you (refer Student Supervision Timeline) as this will help you to stay on track and ultimately graduate on time.

Happy working and all the best!

Best regards,
Dr Suhaily Hasnan
Coordinator (Research)
Postgraduate Department
Faculty of Accountancy
(Office No: 03-55438483)