Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Submission of Research Progress Report (27 May - 3 June 2015)

Assalam and Good Day 

Dear All,

With reference to the following email sent to you earlier this semester, I would like to remind you to submit your research progress report for this semester to the postgraduate office by 27 May - 4 June 2015.

Attached herewith is the soft copy of the progress report form. Read and follow the instruction as indicated in the form before submitting it to us.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Remark: can pass the completed form to Farra (0355444917) or Elina/Yus (0355211712)

Thank you.

Dr Zarinah Abdul Rasit
Coordinator (Research)
Postgraduate Department
Faculty of Accountancy
(Office No: 03-55438483)
* admin note :- please download form here 

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